Our Spiritualist Centre has been in existence since 1993. It has had many leaders over the years and changed venues as it has grown.

We are a community based organization with the aim to promote the recognition of Spiritualism practices as a philosophy, science and religion.

We aim to encourage harmony, companionship and well-being among those who come through our doors.

Services are held twice a month and we conduct a weekly meditation development group.

Spiritual healing courses and psychic workshops are held when needed and when tutors are available.


OUR COMMITTEE (2019-2020)


President – Heather Dennison

Vice President – Liane Callaghan

Secretary – Trish Sargeant

Treasurer – Bev Higgins

Committee Members

David Cristallo, Sandy Zhou, Sylvia Cameron



A huge thank you to the previous committee headed by outgoing President Sue Gillard and outgoing Treasurer Jenny Darling.

Sue’s calm and dedicated leadership over the last 5 years, and Jenny’s talented and remarkable work ethic over an amazing 10 years, have contributed hugely to the Centre’s success. They will be sorely missed.

Thank you also to the many volunteers who help set up the hall each service, help at events, kitchen, flowers, social media and website, raffles and book stall fundraisers.


OUR weekly thursday Meditation & Development Group

(10:30 – 12:00 am)


our service (2:00 pm – 4:00 pm), healing (1:15 pm – 1:45 pm), Rita Tarrant on platform

Sun December 8. 2019

Conversations With The Collective – Channelled By Sharyn McDonogh (3:00 pm – 5:30 pm)

Sat December 14. 2019

Huskisson Spiritual Gathering (10:30 am – 12:00 pm)

Sun December 15. 2019

Tomakin Community hall

10 Ainslie Parade

Tomakin NSW  2540

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