heather dennison – Reiki Master And Pellowah Teacher


Reiki Master & Pellowah Teacher

Heather Dennison recently moved to Tomakin after living in Mount Isa for five years where she became a Reiki Master and a Pellowah Teacher. She has since joined our Thursday Meditation Development Group displaying a natural mediumship which she is now developing.


Reiki Healing And Pellowah Healing Now Available


Pellowah Healing is similar to Reiki Healing but requires a higher vibrational Energy. Also, Pellowah healing works from “the inside out” unlike Reiki healing which works from “the outside in”.


Pellowah healing is on all levels and Reiki healing will relax and strengthen your well being.


In Heather’s own words:


“Pellowah is a new energy healing Technique which produces amazing results with emotional, mental and spiritual issues. It can help with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders in children and adults, behavioural problems and emotional baggage in general.


Often people are drawn to this type of healing when they are at crossroads in their life or feeling disconnected with their spiritual self.


Pellowah is the Angelic word for a radical shift in Consciousness and it really can create amazing changes in your life. Again and again, I see people being genuinely surprised at the effects. Their comments after a healing are on the lines of: “Wow! I really did not think I was going to feel anything. I feel amazing!”


I just love seeing peoples’ lives change for the better so take time out for yourself to recharge, regenerate and move forward fearlessly.”


Pellowah Treatment: Approximately 1 hour
Cost: $60



rainbow energy healing



Heather has created a community page on Facebook which is open to anyone who is interested in different forms of energy healing (see below).


For more information, or if you are interested in booking a session with Heather, you can contact her below.


Facebook: Rainbow Energy Healing

Email: heatherwd46@gmail.com