Rita Tarrant – Clairaudient Medium




Rita Tarrant is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient medium and healing channel. She says that BEING a psychic is more of a calling than a career path. It is a calling that she has responded to since she was a child. She has been practicing for over 30 years and during this time she has been putting people in touch with their spiritual guides and helpers so that they may decipher and learn from life’s path.


Medium Learns From Life’s Path


Rita has done more than her fair share of learning. She had a tough childhood and, she says, “that tends to send you back into yourself”.


“A lot of people come to me with problems or development going on in their lives. They want to make sense of what is happening to them. As a medium, I find that I am giving out information that I know nothing about but it makes sense to the people that I’m sitting for. The communicator-guides know what the problem is, I don’t need to know people’s business. What they need to know just comes through.”


Rita says the spirits always share compassion, love, humour, wisdom, humility and faith – qualities that are her six finger tests. We may not associate humour with spiritualism, but Rita finds that her readings are always filled with both love and humour.


Rita can hold workshops in spiritual development enabling her to help many others get in touch with their spirit guides. She also holds workshops in drum making and drumming.


“A lot of spirit guides appear to be Native Americans who are in harmony with the earth and nature.”


Rita still finds it astounding that people seek her out. “I sometimes feel like I’ve got a red light flashing on my head in the supermarket!”


Rita is also a healing channel, something she does through touch, and will often find herself unconsciously putting her hands on where the old injury is.


“Being a medium is a calling. If you block it you run into a brick wall in your life and can’t get on with it. The spiritual and the physical go hand in hand, in harmony. Every experience you go through is to help you, you learn something from it.”


“So when times are tough it’s good to say ‘I must be learning something today – what is it?”


Email: ritaclifftazzz@gmail.com