Suzanne Newnham – Trance Medium

Trance Medium Suzanne Newnham


Suzanne was psychically aware from age four, has researched and taught energy flow since 1986 and worked professionally as a trance medium since 1998.


I see energies around and within you and Spirit channels guidance about patterns in your life no longer serving you, decisions or opportunities in the near future”.


Tai chi, chi kung, various healing modalities, meditation and psychic development are just some of the areas Suzanne has been teaching, presenting and involved with since the mid-1980s.


Suzanne is also the author of “Ethics of a Psychic Reading”. Her book is about the responsibilities of psychic communication and divination in the 21st Century and is also suitable for people who wish to know more about having a psychic reading. It is a guide for both Professional and Amateur Messengers of Psychic Information.


Suzanne also participates in focus groups and discussions to bring awareness to the plight of chronic pain and its impact.

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