The Gathering of Canberra Mediums





(A Saturday Afternoon of Evidential Mediumship)

Would you like the opportunity to hear from your loved ones who have passed over/died?


Founded in 2015, ‘The Gathering of Canberra Mediums’ is an opportunity to experience, on a regular basis, a connection with those you love who have passed to Spirit. The purpose of which is to provide evidence that death is not the end to life, but only a change, and that everyone will survive this event we call death.


The medium cannot promise to speak to a specific person, they will not predict the future, and they will not tell you how to live your life. The purpose is to provide you with the evidence of the continuation of every human soul beyond death, irrespective of nature or belief. The belief in, and the practice of communication with spirits has existed in all nations.


Spiritual phenomenon has occurred throughout human history. We will endeavour to bring you the love from your family and friends who are now in Spirit.


So for an afternoon of great Evidential Mediumship running from 2.30 to 4.30pm one afternoon a month, this is a “not to be missed” event right here in Canberra.


Hughes Community Centre
Whittle St, Hughes ACT 2605


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